Lab Science Course Registration Information

NYU London Science Lab Courses (BIOL-UA 9012: Principles of Biology II, BIOL-UA 9123: Principles of Biology Lab, CHEM-UA 9226:Organic Chemistry II, and PHYS-UA 9012: General Physics II)
As noted on the NYU Study Away Application, due to limited space in lab science courses (Principles of Biology II, Principles of Biology Lab, Organic Chemistry II, and General Physics II) at NYU London, student course preference selections on the study away application were taken into consideration in the admission process for NYU London. Students who expressed interest and have been approved to take any of these lab science courses received an email notification earlier today (October 19th, 2016) from the Office of Global Programs. This notification confirmed that their admission to NYU London included permission to register for specific lab science courses. Only these students will be permitted to register for lab science courses at NYU London in Spring 2017. All other students who have not received prior approval will not be permitted to register for the lab science courses listed above at NYU London in Spring 2017.

If you have any questions regarding course registration for lab science courses, please contact


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