Short-Term Entry Students

Students arriving in the UK via the Short-term Entry route (i.e. without a pre-arranged visa) are reminded to refer to the detailed instructions (pages 41-44) sent by OGS.  You need to bring the following documents with you when you travel, and be sure to carry them in your hand luggage:

  • Valid passport (expiring at least 6 months after your stay in the UK).
  • A printed copy of your Short-term Student Support Letter (emailed to you by OGS in December – please contact us IMMEDIATELY if you have not received this).
  • Evidence of how you will “maintain and accommodate yourself” while in the UK (how your trip/studies will be funded). This is usually:
    • An official bank statement (or letter from your bank) showing Evidence of Funds (please refer to your instructions for more information about what needs to be included on this document)
      • Declaration of Financial Support if your bank statement or bank letter is from a parent’s bank account.
      • Copy of birth certificate proving your relation to the account holder, if the account is a parent’s account and not your own.
  • Evidence of plans to leave the UK after your program (return plane ticket, printed flight itinerary etc.).  If you do not have this, be prepared to adequately explain to the immigration officer how and when you plan to leave the UK when your program ends!

Any last-minute immigration questions should be directed to the Office of Global Services (; 212-998-4242).


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