Housing FAQs

All students MUST arrive on January 25 as indicated on the program calendar. Late arrival is not permitted.

You will sign up for Housing beginning November 7 at 12pm EST, when the Study Away Confirmation Portal becomes available. You will enter your housing preferences there, along with other details such as your emergency contact and passport info.  Ultimately, all items will be due by November 18.  Your $1000 housing reservation fee is not due until this time.  More information about the Portal will be made available on this blog.

For more about housing options in London, please visit the Housing section of our web site.

Housing assignments will be  completed and communicated in phases as soon as possible after applications close and no later than one week prior to the start of the semester. Should your assignment be completed before you are billed, you will be billed for the actual cost of your housing. If your assignment is not complete at this time, you will be billed a housing estimate ($10,000). This is not an indication of your assignment. The estimated housing charge will be replaced with your actual housing charge as soon as possible; however this could occur after the beginning of the semester.


Yes, you can request to live with other students of your choice. You will be able to do this when you fill out your housing preferences in the Study Away Confirmation Portal. Please make sure all students wanting to live together request one another.  While we cannot guarantee we will be able to meet your request, we do make efforts to accommodate these requests where possible.

All students are required to live in NYU provided accommodation. If, however, you have a mother, father, legal guardian, or adult sibling who permanently resides in an established family home in the vicinity of the academic center, you may be considered for an exemption from this policy. You can submit a petition by the link below.

Please note that the housing exemption appeals deadline has passed and was November 15th for Spring 2017. 

Student Exemption Request Form

The student must also ensure that the proposed host completes the following link and sends proof of residence as per the instruction on the form.

Proposed Student Host Form

Please note that submitting  a request does not guarantee exemption and appeals will be evaluated by a housing committee on a case by case basis, and you will be notified of a decision.

  • Am I able to cancel my NYU assigned housing? Will I receive a refund?

The Housing License binds you for the entire period you will be enrolled at the site unless you submit a written cancellation request to the Office of Global Programs that meets particular conditions by the designated cancellation dates. All appeals are subject to the cancellation fee schedule.  You can read the Housing License and cancellation fee schedule at www.nyu.edu/global/housing-details

It’s usually easier – and cheaper – to get a cell phone pay-as-you go plan in London than to use your U.S. plan. You can get a plan from a variety of local providers upon arrival. You can either unlock your current smart phone and just replace the SIM card when you get to London (if you have a GSM phone), or you can buy a cheap phone there from one of the service providers. During orientation, NYU London site staff will show you where to get phones and how to top them up.

If you prefer, some phone companies, such as AT&T, also offer study abroad plans that allow you to keep your U.S. number and pay lower rates. Ask your provider!

  • What is my address in London?

Your address in London will be: NYU London Offices, 6 Bedford Square, London, WC1B 3RA, England. All mail should be sent here throughout the semester. You may send a package a week before you arrive- make sure to write your name and NO COMMERCIAL VALUE on the front of the package to keep it from getting held up in Customs!

  • I don’t know anyone else on the program. Help!

Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone else on the program! Many of the students who study abroad on our programs go independently and are looking to meet new people. In fact, most students who go report feeling comfortable abroad because of the smaller, intimate communities there.

We’re confident that you’ll make friends and find your niche within your NYU program. We’ve created the NYU London Spring 2017 Facebook Group specifically for students to “meet” each other before the start of the semester. This is particularly helpful for students that are not in the NYC area who may not be able to attend pre-departure events. So make sure you join and don’t be shy!  Once you arrive on site, various orientation activities, social and otherwise, will help you to further get to know your new classmates.

  • Can I have overnight guests?

The NYU London residences generally allow you to have overnight guests. You will be given a certain number of guest passes per month, but you will need to decide with your roommates when you can have guests. You will receive more information during Orientation in London, so until then, sit tight!

  • Do you have a hotel list available?

The following is a list of suggested hotels and hostels in London prepared by our site staff: Hotel & Hostel Guide London.

  • Where can I find a list of packing and travel tips?

We’ve compiled lists of suggested items to pack in your checked luggage and carry-on, items to leave at home, and travel tips to consider before you depart. See here.