Orientation Schedule Spring 2017

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Important Travel Reminders

The time is almost here to leave for the United Kingdom, but before you depart for the airport make sure you have all of your immigration needs taken care of! It is important to keep any immigration related paperwork on your person/in your carry-on luggage and ready for your arrival in the United Kingdom.

Two important reminders for best practices when traveling abroad:

1.     In order to board your international flight you will need your passport.  You should have copies of your passport elsewhere.  OGS recommends keeping a color copy of your passport and visa separately in your carry-on luggage.  You should also have access to a digital encrypted copy of your passport and visa online that can be obtained from any computer.  Additionally, you may want to leave a copy of your passport and visa with a parent or guardian, or whomever you trust and would call in an emergency. If your passport/visa is lost or stolen having a copy of such may help expedite getting a replacement.

2.    After you arrive at your study away site, you should register with your local Embassy or Consulate.  U.S. citizens can register with the U.S. Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program     which will automatically alert the local U.S. Embassy or Consulate to your presence in country.  Non-U.S. citizens should register with the relevant home country Embassy or Consulate abroad

Short-Term Entry Students

Students arriving in the UK via the Short-term Entry route (i.e. without a pre-arranged visa) are reminded to refer to the detailed instructions (pages 41-44) sent by OGS.  You need to bring the following documents with you when you travel, and be sure to carry them in your hand luggage:

  • Valid passport (expiring at least 6 months after your stay in the UK).
  • A printed copy of your Short-term Student Support Letter (emailed to you by OGS in December – please contact us IMMEDIATELY if you have not received this).
  • Evidence of how you will “maintain and accommodate yourself” while in the UK (how your trip/studies will be funded). This is usually:
    • An official bank statement (or letter from your bank) showing Evidence of Funds (please refer to your instructions for more information about what needs to be included on this document)
      • Declaration of Financial Support if your bank statement or bank letter is from a parent’s bank account.
      • Copy of birth certificate proving your relation to the account holder, if the account is a parent’s account and not your own.
  • Evidence of plans to leave the UK after your program (return plane ticket, printed flight itinerary etc.).  If you do not have this, be prepared to adequately explain to the immigration officer how and when you plan to leave the UK when your program ends!

Any last-minute immigration questions should be directed to the Office of Global Services (ogs.outbound@nyu.edu; 212-998-4242).

Letters from London #4

Welcome to the final bulletin from the NYU London staff!  Keep in mind these have really great information and helpful FAQs that many of you are probably wondering about!

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Documents mentioned in Bulletin:
Scotland Weekend Brochure Spring 2017
Scotland Booking Form Spring 2017

What to do if you Encounter Flight Cancellations or Delays

While our hope is that you arrive at your study away destination without any challenges, we know at times these can occur for a variety of reasons.  Please note that NYU is unable to act as an intermediary between the traveler and airline, but it may be helpful to keep in mind the below tips should you encounter any flight cancellations or delays:

Contact Your Airline First

Number one tip: Whether it’s an airport delay or flight cancellation, contact your airline – immediately.  It is most beneficial to act quickly so that you are able to grab a seat on the next available flight if necessary.  Many passengers will be trying to rebook and options may become more limited the longer you wait.

If Your Flight is Canceled:

  • Multi-task communications: If your flight is canceled or delayed, immediately get in line for a gate agent; at the same time, call the airline (it may be quicker).
  • If you have a frequent flyer status with the airline that gives you access to a priority phone number, using this may expedite the service you receive.

Note: There are no federal requirements that require airlines to provide you with any hotel or meal vouchers due to events outside their control such as weather, but airline policies on this vary. When in doubt, ask. Some will provide you with certain amenities.

If Your Flight is Delayed:

  • Stay in touch with the airline: Follow the tips above; stay connected to your carrier
  • Don’t be late to the gate: Even if you’ve been told your flight is delayed, stay in the gate area. Delays can evaporate and windows of opportunity for take-off can be short; if you’re not present for boarding, you may be out of luck

Note: Always be at the gate at least 20 minutes before departure, minimum.

Ultimately, if you are in an area where you still have access to email or phone service, please contact the appropriate staff member(s) at NYU London listed on your arrival cheat sheet to forward your updated itinerary.  This is another reason why it is important to have a copy in your carry on.

Should your updated itinerary arrive outside of the provided transportation window, you will be responsible for getting to housing (but don’t worry – the arrival cheat sheet will have all the relevant details necessary to do so!).

The staff recognize these occurrences are beyond your control so will work with you to catch up if any material is missed.  On behalf of the entire NYU Global Programs team, we wish you safe travels!

Introducing Your Student Senators Council Site Ambassador

The Student Senators Council at NYU has selected a group of your peers studying away in the spring of 2017 as student representatives who will work to improve student life across NYU’s Global Network University. Known as your Site Ambassadors, they will act as a general liaison between students at your site and global programs initiatives in Abu Dhabi, New York, or Shanghai.

Without further ado, we would like to introduce Saarav Patel, sp4040@nyu.edu .

Hey everyone! My name is Saarav Patel, and I’m the London Site Ambassador for this term! I’m a second-year student in the College of Arts and Science, studying global public health and chemistry on the pre- medical track. I studied at NYU London last term as well, and I’m excited to share all of the amazing memories I made with you all, and to make many more! As a Site Ambassador, I get to plan events that will help students see more of London and beyond! I’ve been talking with last term’s ambassadors, and they are glad that all the new incoming students are being placed in good hands. Cheers!

NYU London Diversity and Inclusion Team

NYU London has created a new Diversity and Inclusion Team and is seeking students to assist in furthering diversity and inclusion initiatives on campus.

In this role you will act as a student representative to help build a supportive community for NYU students, staff and faculty by promoting cross-cultural communication and cultural awareness across campus. The team will also work to create a variety of multicultural activities and events throughout the semester.

By joining the Diversity and Inclusion Team you will gain the opportunity to strengthen your leadership and communication skills, plan and manage projects, and help to make a difference while at NYU London. If you are interested in joining our team as a volunteer, please read the role description for further details and fill out an application form online here

Arrival Cheat Sheet

Don’t leave for London without your London Arrival Cheat Sheet! It contains helpful information about navigating the airport, getting to your housing assignment, and NYU London contact information. Please provide a copy of this document to your family.

Here are some other things to keep in mind:

  • Know the time difference between your hometown and London, and discuss a communication plan with your friends and family
  • Know what to expect for meal costs in your host location, see Student Recommendations and Restaurant & Cafe options
  • Check the exchange rate for your host country’s currency regularly
  • Purchase any necessary voltage convertors and/or adaptors.

And remember these tips from our First Time Traveler Post. (They’re actually quite good for everyone!)

Letters from London #3

Welcome to the third bulletin from the NYU London staff!  Keep in mind these have really great information and helpful FAQs that many of you are probably wondering about!

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Documents mentioned in Bulletin:
Global Orientations: Britain an Cultural Programming Brochure Spring 2017
Scotland Weekend Brochure Spring 2017
Scotland Booking Form Spring 2017